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Dear Firefly,

I dont want to complain about the world beeing to hard or the attacks to stong. I like playing the wolfserver because it is hard to play here. But releasing only wolf anchors on day 30 will scare away all players from your game. If you look through the factions half of the players got reset and all other players got decimated.
I love the wolf server but i dont think anybody is able to play here if you keep the number of wolf invasions and if you dont announce them beforehand.

I also get that you want to challange the players with the most villages and the best parishes but i think you are really hurting yourself with these moves.
You see areas like france, switerland and georgia on the map with not much ai and many players and your reaction is to prevent the players from ever playing there again by sending them anker after anker only targetting them?
Switzerland is getting hit by 3 wolf ankers so nobody will be able to play there anymore.
I myself in georgia got 150 captains yesterday on 10 villages 15 captains per village. What do you think this will lead to ??

You should really fire the one responsible for the wolf server.

I fear you wont change a thing but if you want anybody to keep playing you should:
- remove most wolf ankers and switch them to pig and snake.
- dont send anchors unannounced. If you have a timer then goddammit use it and play by your own rules.
- reduce glory for titels. We the humans will never be able to challenge the ai so this server will be over in 120 days if you dont change it.

I with you a nice day

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