Village razed due to game bugging out

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Village razed due to game bugging out

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Hello, first time getting on the forums. I just had both my surprise attack 12 card and last stand advanced card fail to activate during a 7 captain bomb on my village. (Formerly id 67498) I had both cards in play and had a timer set to re activate both cards as the attacks were landing. However, the cards never activated and I got an error saying that the cards were already in play. I have the reports which show that the cards never activated.

Also, a separate issue. Even though the game failed to play the cards that I paid for and put in play, I was able to successfully defend the 7 attacks.

Only I didn't

The last attack razed my village though I have the report right here showing me defending the last attack.

Is there any recourse at all? I played all expert card to make that defence, and despite the cards that I played not activating, I STILL stopped the 7 captain bomb. When I come back after the update I would like to see Rottingham restored to its former glory. I deserve it, the Lance of Justice deserves justice.
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Re: Village razed due to game bugging out

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Mate the only bug is about the report you took, it happened the same to us on Gc6, the battle that the game show you is not the real battle that game calculated, idk why it happens but it's not a problem about the real result of the battle but only a viewing problem, that's all.
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