game not adjusted for the map

Sea of Japan will be run using the Era Ruleset as well as Weather dependent inter-Island travel. It will also feature new Houses inspired by our newest Stronghold game that we released this year, Stronghold: Warlords.
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game not adjusted for the map

Post by Mosryp »

In my personal opinion the Server is not adjusted for the game it is terrible to take 1:30 hrs for your scout to get a stash in the perish you are , even in reg.era server it do not take that time with ot research .

feelling it will be a carder server , Congrad to FF /SK to think about none carder and big spender OH yea sorry you their only to make big buck ,how stupid I'm

a other fiasco in the book for FF / SK
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Re: game not adjusted for the map

Post by Priest Guardian »

I personally would support a honor circle of X4 then normal size for this map

also a maximum of 2 AI castles per parish as this would drag down the village happiness considerable and encourage AI removal or Blessings

However X4 honor circle range is required for these suggestions

Ps I do love this map and think it has great potential ;)
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Re: game not adjusted for the map

Post by tamer123 »

Not my map, whilst i like the concept of gigantic parishes

this heavily limited the parish count, so farming both flags and gold is gonna be quite the hassle isnt it.
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Re: game not adjusted for the map

Post by VladTmb »

This card is a shame. The developers are planning to kill the game.
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Re: game not adjusted for the map

Post by DontBeaWuss »

It seems to me that FF just churns out these maps without a care in the world as they know players will populate them and spend money, regardless that it's the same old tat on every Server. Same quests, same Ai and hardly any change in game mechanics...just wish they actually thought about each map individually and cater for different playing styles for each map but, no, they can't be bothered.
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