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There are a few bugs that need to be addressed seriously under the strict provision. I don't know about other players that either they even noticed it or not.

1st: 4-5 years have been spent while playing AI world, first "Heretic" second "Rise of the Wolf" and then "War of the wolf". But there is a genuine problem that everyone faced in all of them and it is related to "Quest". If I'm not wrong there are 8 quests named "Healing the sick", but the irony is, there are no diseases ever and never were in AI worlds. This issue is being faced for 4-5 years.

2nd: This problem seems little but it is not. It really sicks when someone having 25 villas and his caption cost has reached to 500k and he sends an attack to a wolf and the report shows 1 of the caption is died but in reality, all the captions remain alive. I would like to show you the "Proof" of this bitter fact.
The Apparent report "https://gofile.io/d/YZTAiR" upon which the army is lost and shown in the village.
The Final report that is the most accurate one "https://gofile.io/d/pnKSGd" upon which our army should have to be judged and shown remaining in the village.

No offense, but I'd request to shk developer to figure out these issues ASAP.

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Re: Bugs

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The issue with quests and particularly the disease quests has been brought up before and nothing has been done to change it....probably due to the laziness of the developers, nothing will ever get done if they ever bring out another Ai world in the future.

As to the reports, even the defence numbers are different on each, even though the reports are from the same attack on the wolf, bizarre.

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