USA 6 has Ended following the Final Age completion.
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Re: Botters

Post by DontBeaWuss »

Unfortunately, you will have to send a ticket into Support with evidence for your claim.

Many of us see cheaters playing and many have complained but nothing gets done about it apart from the odd 24hr ban which is just ridiculous.

Perhaps the time has come to go onto mainstream review sites and complain about SHK least warn potential players that the game is riddled with cheaters and make them stop and think about whether it's worth trying to play against the odds....dunno what the solution is but FF are staying blind.
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Re: Botters

Post by Mosryp »

SK /Firefly will never do anything about that as it is their most spending players they have

those cheater spend more money in 1 month of what I spend ou your spend in 5 years

yes they go to a run ban a few of them for 1 weeks or 2 then they come back and sometime use the same act they be having before

SK are her to make money and do not give a dam about ligit players like us with only 1 ligit acct
Giga Kriega
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Re: Botters

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Firefly is just trash as * OMG admit it, I'll never buy any of their games anymore haha
I'm playing this game since alpha and the game got even worse... now it's full of BOTs and firefly gives a * cause they literally dont care about the playerbase :lol: :lol:

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