How to join a faction?

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How to join a faction?

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I keep getting ransacked and raided both my village and the singular parish I control and I would like to join a faction for some protection but I'm not really sure how to market myself towards getting accepted into one, any ideas?
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Re: How to join a faction?

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Hmmnn, it's difficult if you don't come across recognisable names when starting out.

I would look at what Factions/Houses have vacancies and then mail them. It might be wise to tell them how new you are to the game but also that you're willing to learn fast, grow fast and help out the Faction as soon as you're able.

Just depends how you approach them as well...some like well thought out prose while others would may favour a laugh out loud's difficult but there's no harm in reaching out to see what happens, good luck! :)

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