History Lesson for GC4 noob

Global Conflict 4 was Closed following the Final Age completion.
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History Lesson for GC4 noob

Post by CactusJab »

A desire to understand more about the inter-dynamics of GC 4 history and perspective.
I understand how to read the political map, but i do not understand the History of what is happening.
Mostly whats wars and WHY?

Can you please help me understand the world around me and share your perspectives, experiences and situation.

I appreciate your time.

Thanks in advance
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Re: History Lesson for GC4 noob

Post by WaywardChampion »

To the best of my knowledge there are 3 big alliances on this map, and a couple of smaller ones

H2/H4/H6/H10/H14/H20 - An alliance of several smaller groups in what is primarily a defensive alliance.

H5/H9/H11/H12/H16 - An alliance run by shadius's group of players

H7/H13/H19 - An alliance of primarily Russian speaking players. ( Although there are rumors of a disagreement between them.)

17/18 - I don't know much about them other than they are allied to each other.

There is currently a war between the H2/4/6/10/14/20 alliance and the H5/9/11/12/16 alliance.

There are also several factions and houses who are being opportunistic and taking whatever they think they can get away with from both sides.

I may not be entirely accurate, but I hope this helps to understand what is happening on this map :)

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