House 3 are bullies.

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Lord Sentinal
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House 3 are bullies.

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I and Girlfriend where house members until GPCMoms mistreatment of my GF.
She was continually Razing her new villages or Capturing them.
So I left and told them to bugger off and leave me alone, and GPCmom kicked
her out.
The abuse continued on after and they left me alone until my GF took action against
GPCMom and then other members when they hopped in the fray.
Towards the end of this conflict, they excommunicated my villages so I took action of my own and
in return all my villages razed.
So now anytime I spawn they raze me or here.
I've been using it as a running game though.
I have a lot of info on the times they play, Parrish gold and defense.
Tops they have 6 active players in one faction.
I'm planning an offensive and would love to reset them and assume their parishes in not so distant future.
Would love to have 10 more allies to join the fight and they would not stand a chance.
Of course, if someone was already set up to do so it would not hurt my feelings at all.
I'd be more than willing to help with the details I have just to see them receive a taste of their own medicine.

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Re: House 3 are bullies.

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this is just the short version of a long story ....

The truth is you and your GF was in House 3 and when house 3 was being attacked neither of you helped at all. Both of you did not even bother to ID your own villages. You were only pre-razed when you had a captain headed to a village. All the officers agreed that members that were not a team player should be dismissed, A message was posted for all members to read stating that if they are not team players and do not help the house in some way they would be dropped. It was stated that if they are not fighters then help by IDing, excomming, or at least help by sending supplies. You and your GF were not the only ones dropped.
About a week later some h3 officers logged on to find that your GF monked herself into h3 parishes, deleted buildings and deleted the castles. So excomm was started on you both and we took back our parishes, Then of course your GF used very foul words and was reported by several players some of which were not even in h3 at the time. We offered peace to you both if you agreed to leave h3 held land. You still continued to spawn back in h3 held land. You took it upon yourself to name your villages some pretty foul names and you continue to return h3 land, you leave us no choice but to raze you out.

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Re: House 3 are bullies.

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GpcMom wrote:About a week later some h3 officers logged on
#1 knob in world 1

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