Be mindfull to use chiv cards

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Be mindfull to use chiv cards

Post by larsbagge »

I just used 22 chiv cards and 4 advanged chiv cards as knight which should provide 7.8 bulps, 20,000 short of 800,000 honor roughly. Turned out it did not. So either FF is cheating, a clitch or the honor you recieve has changed. I did put in a ticket on this ofcourse.

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Re: Be mindfull to use chiv cards

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I haven't used Chivalry cards in a while, but I seem to recall that:

3 advanced chivalry cards = 5 normal chivalry cards = 1 bubble, no matter what rank you are.

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Re: Be mindfull to use chiv cards

Post by trickthat »

it is a percentage of a bubble.....basic chivs are 1/5 a bubble...or 20%, advanced are 35% of a bubble and Expert are 75% of a bubble....
only at Crown Prince is it different....
Basic 2 mil
advanced 3.5
Expert 7.5
or the same percentage but of 10 million

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