blocked another player

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Red Trev
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blocked another player

Post by Red Trev »

So out of nowhere this player Hellicon starts attacking everybody.
I emailed him and its a bunch of garbage in his reply.

He is going to die by somebodies hand, but he does not care because he gets to keep the gold.
he says he's going to keep re-spawning around me and continuously harass me whenever he re-spawns.

Can somebody ban him from usa-3?
There should be some kind of penalty for these type of players.

I don't need this

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Re: blocked another player

Post by DekeYoungAtlanta »

Each player can garner entertainment from the game in their own way.

Big_Killers would spawn, wreak chaos on existing players, and be reset. Sometimes he would last for hours, sometimes for days. This was entertainment for him.

So long as SHK is a multi-player game, players like this are going to be part of the game.

Best you learn to deal with this now, as it is going to continue for longer than both of us are in the game.

- Deke

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Re: blocked another player

Post by MiladySkye »

Or you quit because they make the game miserable and pointless.

Rogues are one thing . . . they attack for a reason (sometimes a good reason, sometimes not) and usually target a particular house or players. Trolls attack whomever because they get enjoyment from making others (even complete strangers) miserable. They also come in from other worlds, sometimes at the request of friends, to harass an enemy . . . even when they have no history on that world. On occasion, these troll are merely alt accounts of regular housed players.

If this player is a rogue, perhaps talk to him and see what went wrong and why he is attacking. Some rogues will go for a peaceful solution. If he is a troll, you're probably screwed.
When injustice is law, resistance becomes duty . . .

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