Europe 2 Now Live

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Lord Friendly
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Europe 2 Now Live

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The time for an all-new European adventure has come. 'Europe 2' has opened its gates to the Lords and Ladies of Stronghold Kingdoms, offering up the riches of its lands and the spoils of war to anyone brave enough to claim them. A total of 33 different kingdoms await you, reconstructed from the real-world map of Europe and waiting to be conquered by your mighty armies and silver tongue. Settle near your home town, forge unbreakable alliances with your neighbours and set out to take control of the lands of Europe, one throne at a time!


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Re: Europe 2 Now Live

Post by Teutons »

been there & carding.

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Re: Europe 2 Now Live

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Less than 4 hours for the first faction. Impressive.

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Re: Europe 2 Now Live

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I wonder how many of NEW worlds awaits us ...
Does this really covers ''-'' signs in annual cash flows..?

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Re: Europe 2 Now Live

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Just joined in Europe 2


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