Vassal's Troops

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Vassal's Troops

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With the upcoming world reset, we will lose all our alliances; we'll be thrown our of our houses and factions. Will our vassals also disappear? With that - will all the troops I have stationed in my vassal's castle disappear as well? We get to keep the troops in our castle, but what about those in our vassal's castles?

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Re: Vassal's Troops

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Your troops in your castle and vassals will remain the same, they will go untouched.

Your alliances with factions and houses will likely not change, your colours may change but binds do not just drop like that without reason. Though this is something the game developers cannot control, it'll be up to house leaders to what happens.
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Re: Vassal's Troops

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You can read more about the Second Age here: ... Second_Age
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