"Peace: Cannot be atta-Oh, there's an attack coming."

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"Peace: Cannot be atta-Oh, there's an attack coming."

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I started playing Kingdoms for the first time 5/19/2023.

"Peace: Cannot be attacked for : # days"

As a new player, I read this message as indicating that I cannot be attacked for 4 or 5 days, (whatever it started at.)

As a foolish new player, I believed this message and rebuilt my new castle entirely, intending to have it finished long before those days elapsed. Silly me. A siege camp was set up on day 2, and I've been attacked four times since then. Today is day 3, and I still have 1 day and 2 hours of "Peace," but my partially built walls have been levelled multiple times. There are now 2 days to finish it, since I have to keep readding walls that have been knocked down.

Sure, the penalty for "losing" my keep is a pittance, but the game should say what it means, or not say it at all.
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