30.139.803 - New Stronghold Kindoms Mac App

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30.139.803 - New Stronghold Kindoms Mac App

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Welcome to the new Stronghold Kingdoms Mac app!

In the past maintaining and updating the Mac app has been problematic, as supporting three different platforms can cause production bottlenecks for a small team. As a result we have decided to reconfigure the Mac client to use Unity just like the mobile version. By updating our Mac version of Kingdoms to Unity, Mac users will be guaranteed to receive game updates simultaneously with mobile and PC players. While historically there has been a slight delay on new updates for Mac, now new features will be available instantly! The newer Unity version should also provide improved stability and is designed to future-proof Kingdoms on Mac so it can be supported for as long as there are Lords and Ladies vying for power!

This upgrade also means Mac users will be able to play using the newer controls and user interface found on iOS and Android. This is a completely new way to play Kingdoms and includes the new features added to the mobile version since launch.
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Re: 30.139.803 - New Stronghold Kindoms Mac App

Post by Luxgast »

By doing this you made the game unplayble for I-mac and mac book users.

Mouse moving much to slow
Game slowingdown the mac
Even hang up‘s

By this way playing is no longer possible

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Re: 30.139.803 - New Stronghold Kindoms Mac App

Post by mostafa1989 »

I saw today game requires update on mac and it is no longer available for Mac with Intel CPU!


After spending so many hours and days and months playing the game and even buying points and coins, the game stopped like this!
Why really?
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