RULES: change them!

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RULES: change them!

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Rules and updates made by Firefly during the years have totally destroyed the game.
In ere 5, you have decided to give privileges to houses. The result is the neutal can be attacked and can't defend themselves because independants can't have a region. The houses have no reason to have fear for their territories because neutral can't take them.

Some players are paralysed and the big houses create pseudo-houses and take others houses not occupied before neutral who wish to take a house for revenge.
And others houses can't take them in their house because of unbanlanced game.

You are responsibles for all these *.

If I do my own online version of the excellent solo game Stronghold, It will be better than your online version, because you have decided since the beginning to make money before to make a real game. As a result, your game is a piece of s-h-i-t.
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