This is a game and not RL

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This is a game and not RL

Post by madoranges »

This is a game guys and not RL

we have no control over what's happing in other country's with war etc and should not be brought into SHK because someone has a Russian name , i was asked today to drop a vassal by a player and when asked why he said because i told you too !!!!

1, i cant stand bully's

2 when i mailed my vassal he said because of what's going on with Russia and Ukraine

This is a game not real life we have no control on what's going on in the RL we have no say what's going on... we play this game to get away from it for a few hours .
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Re: This is a game and not RL

Post by StodOne »

You just cant help how west makes the mindset of people work.. everything needs to fit their agenda even if it has nothing to do with them.
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