Community is everything

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Community is everything

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More than any other MMO I have played , SHK's has always reigned supreme in community for my many years of gaming

When you belong its easy to play and the desire to help your friends is strengthened

This is the one thing SHK's does well, surprising to me since they fell flat on their face with the so called live chat feature that NEVER gets used
After you try all the other MMO's , you keep coming back to SHK's
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Re: Community is everything

Post by Slaveabit »

And when you don't belong to "the community" the game is now almost not worth playing. Not in the dominant house, say goodbye to ever storing enough flags and gold to get a decent guild in. If you're not a toxic griefer don't bother playing era worlds. I've been playing since the days when if you deserved to get your teeth kicked in you usually got your teeth kicked in, these new rules basically make it impossible without playing bulk cards to get some decent payback which is probably why we'll never see another Age world....

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