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I am surprised at the amount of alternate accounts, bots and blatant hacking into the server code on this game, and i am utterly appalled at the lack of professionalism and action taken by the developers in regards to the issues on this server specifically.

We can see the clear flaws and security risk that has been presented in whatever the recent mail hack was, and there are still such situations ongoing on the server that i have brought to my attention, hence why we are forced to use a third party to talk about in game events.

We will no longer be spending money on the server, and many people may quit the game out of such security concerns that are continuously unaddressed.

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Re: Cheats/Bots/Hacks

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I am one of the few players remaining that have been in this game since ALPHA testing , one would think I have seen all. Especially the countless claims to hacking / botting / account hacks

Truth is I have seen none of that. I once had a player offer to sell me his in game monks to monk enemies from a account he took over (bought)

I reported that to SHK's and he was eventually banned

I also was here when the Russian was selling game pts (card pts) to players. a few of my so called team mates recommended that to me....HMMMMM I thought. Then a friend of mine also a carder tried it and they tried to hack his credit card info when he attempted to buy so called card pts

Its like this , never do anything that the game rules say you should not, guard your game info and never give it to other (even so called friends)

I have never been hacked or was a victim of such events. So its hard for me to believe any of the cheating statements / claims made over the years when I myself have never fallen to these claims. I attribute it to the fact that I play this game by the rules implemented by Firefly and spend money in this game through means ONLY connected with Firefly store

For as many claims to cheating/hacking in this game one would think I would have become a victim by now :/ Guess I just do not take risks
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