Yo, Tis Snider... If you remember me, read this :D

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Yo, Tis Snider... If you remember me, read this :D

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Hey Stronghold.

I know, there is a mixed bag feeling, but, in fairness... the people that hate me.,.. kinda were not on my side... so... :)

Spent so many, er, literally years playing this game, was a time, I enjoyed most of it... even you Tim (salute from the Squierl * stain in tyneside, his words)

This game helped me so much, always had to leave because I HM'ed to hard, lost my house once... but the joy of watching H2 mush H12... worth every penny... :O long time spoiler, H17 was always going to destroy H12 W3 for making me deal with DragonOrder, that was our win... * it I never hit the leader board... world 3 lasted for ever... :lol:
and I was banned from spawning for 3 ages!!!!!

Good times, anyway, I work on OpenSource security products now... so all those bitter botters I noticed... you know I caught you fair and square, wouldn't you like that hawk eye-protecting you online?

The unshakable HM who is known by more people than I have ever, ever spoken too... now after commercial security software, running the world first dVPN, LetheanVPN www.lt.hn.

For everyone who I spent countless hours helping, caring and covering; if you have ever wanted to help me, or repay the favour, joining my discord would be cool, say hi on twitter @LetheanVPN

Im not shilling, this is a little ad like.. but @mods... please man... look at my purchase history, let me ask old friends for help? never a advert again, promise.

Love Snider, H17 HM W3, H19 World 8/9?, H16 Scorpion Elite (Dave hope you good man), Held more land than all H16 factions then Mr Bach got paranoid, put me and crew on his Hitlist... kinda started a trend after I'm told... Hey, Jen, and immortalise... <3, and Nick too! :)

Oh and Kingmaker pain in the *, Hey Slava, glad you didn't get stomped out, yw for the diplo cover ;).. oh,... * you H10, we got ya cheat asses... H5 and us... first time we actually got on... so thanks... sidenote... almost got London maxed, stupid billionaire carders >.< yea yea, I saw your multiple fails, the card was strong within you young padawan :P

Hope to see you around, but if not... they found out I have ADHD, go figure... thanks for helping me not go crazy IRL... everyone... much love <3

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