Weekly Quests (repeatable)

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Weekly Quests (repeatable)

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Would be a great addition to the game

Say 5 quests that can be done per week with the same rewards each week.


Quest 1 Kill 15 wolf Lairs Reward 5K gold

Quest 2 Heal 50 Disease Reward 250 Faith Pts

Quest 3 Kill 10 Bandit Camps Reward 5K wood and Stone

Quest 4 Build 20 village structures Reward 5K apples and Cheese

Quest 5 Kill 5 AI castles Reward 15K Gold

Complete all 5 weekly quests and get 1 Random pack cards

Just an example here but many games require you to stay participated and this would inspire more players to keep active on the map
After you try all the other MMO's , you keep coming back to SHK's
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