Under attack in Protection

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Under attack in Protection

Post by lkirby5679 »

I'm being attacked by a player while still under protection Does the protection not work or is the player cheating?

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Re: Under attack in Protection

Post by Mario96LPFan »

ok,there is some options why this is happening

1: It is the AI,not a player. They fully ignore peacetime,only interdict, vacation mode and diplomacy protect against them
2: You are beeing scouted. Scouts can always be send,no matter what you do.
3: You bought a village charter and another player also tried to buy it. this will be showed as an attack,but once he reaches your village the captain just turns around without doing anything
4: someone is actually cheating. if so,write a ticket to support. they might be a bit slow sometimes,but outright cheating like this does get a reaction from them.

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