New to the game : Raze, Raze, Raze ?

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New to the game : Raze, Raze, Raze ?

Post by MrBamm »

Hi all, wondering if someone can give me an explanation what I'm doing wrong.
I'm entirely new the game, have some kind of experience with games like these, but I'm clueless what's happening now..

Some background info :
Started on 13/11/2019 20h33
Hmm, which world should I choose ? euhhm, difficult without having any experience... Well most of the worlds have been running for more than 150days now. So I guess, "War of the Wolf" shows it's an A.I. game type as well.. Sounds like fun. Went through the tutorial, game makes sense, exploring around, building a small-ish first castle and got production up

13/11 20h51 The enemy attacks
:shock: .. waaw that's quick, even where it said i was protected against attacks.. but figured out it was AI, 4 peasant attack, fair enough, lost some resources but at least I'm still around
15/11 10h29 The enemy attacks 25 peasants, 37 arch, 37 pikemen, lost resources, but no way I could counter this already. Too bad I lost the resources
15/11 15h58 The enemy attacks with 276 peasants. How on earth can I hold them off already ?
15/11 16h04 The enemy attacks with 260 peasants. How on earth can I hold them off already ?

At this point, I realize I've lost some resources but HEY, just starting out, so I'm fine and will keep on going...

But the day after ... New report, "village lost" ??
16/11 01h44 840 peasants, 2 catapults, 5 captains ? How can i even stand a chance with just a couple of peasants.
My city is gone and I have to restart from scratch. Bummer, but ok I'll give it another try. Focused on getting stone walls with some archers and a couple of peasants
16/11 another bunch of attacks, but I survived

17/11 15h18 ... new report, village lost, again 840 peasants, 2 catapults, 5 captains. This is just ridiculous, it's like playing a new chess game and you only have your king to play with ?!

*sigh* ... one more try ?
17/11 16h50 incoming attack with hundreds of units...

My thoughts : history shall repeat :?

I've read that losing a village is obviously a part of the game.. But twice this soon, without even having the slightest 0.0001% chance / strategy to overcome this ?

I sure hope there's someone who can let me know what I'm missing here ?
- bad mistake of joining an AI game type world ?
- bad luck ?
- specific things I should research or build first ?
- any tactics I'm missing ?
- or impossible to play without spending cash ?

Anyway, I have no intention of rebuilding several woodcutters, quarries and apple orchards day after day, knowing I'll lose my city within 12h.
Otherwise I'll just drop out I'm afraid. Games like this should be challenging and fun, even losing some is part as well... But this is just ... well :?: :!:

Thanks in advance !

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Re: New to the game : Raze, Raze, Raze ?

Post by Omar_Hawk »

bad mistake of joining an AI game type world ?
I guess, this is it. That AI world is currently not well balanced for new players or players who won't spend actual money for the game (as a beginner). So, to tell you the truth: If you are not willing to first invest real money into the game for this world I suppose you will be really lost. That AI world really requires you to first invest cards and cardpoints to be able to survive - not a good world for beginners.

Therefore, I'd suggest you to try it on a non-AI world first, were the AI
1) is not that strong
2) won't destroy your village

Good luck! :)

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Re: New to the game : Raze, Raze, Raze ?

Post by DontBeaWuss »

I would suggest looking at the newer worlds where there's not much fighting happening, ie ERA I up to ERA 3 would probably be best.

When you arrive, mail the Parish Steward and introduce yourself and hopefully the Steward will help you with the basics to get you started :)

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Re: New to the game : Raze, Raze, Raze ?

Post by DukeofShilage »

Thanks for the advice, I've recently started playing and thought that it was a better idea to join an AI server, as I thought it'd be easier than the others... Oh, how wrong I was :lol:

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