Castle screen blocking

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Castle screen blocking

Post by KnightOfSwabia »

Hello there, milords of the Firefly!

I come to you seeking technical help. BIG problem! Castle screen is completely blocked, this happens when I place reinforcement troops in the castle, (or normal troops, whatever). When castle is empty from troops it is vivid, you can move it around, as I am placing troops on the towers, it becomes heavier and heavier to navigate the screen, to the point of completely blocking after reaching more than 400 troops. This has to be fixed ASAP, it is impossible to play, and defend. It literally makes the game unplayable. A player cannot defend against timed attacks with this bug, or if it's not a bug - whatever it is. This does not happen only to me, first I thought it was only me but many players told me they have the same problem. One of those players completely stopped playing cause he was disheartened. My device is Huawei pro 10 or something like that, expensive newer device. I also tested this on an even newer and better device, and I noticed that it is just slightly better with a more powerful device. But that's not the solution, cause how many players have completely brand new the most expensive iPhone for a slightly improvement?

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Re: Castle screen blocking

Post by TheVegabond »

I have noticed the same lag with Samsung Galaxy 9. I can't move pitch with troops it is horrible. You have to remove troops, move pitch then add troops again. There is also great lag when using cloud configurations to load troops into the castle.

I too hope they have a solution for this very soon.

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Re: Castle screen blocking

Post by Marquis de Saint Zafranski »

This is a huge problem, this has to be fixed!

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