Fallen Player page needed

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Fallen Player page needed

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This may sound crazy to some people, but over the years we have lost numerous players through illness and accidents etc, members of all houses show respect to those 'Fallen Members' by sending monks to ID a certain villa, this is normally the only way to show respect and that we are thinking of them and their families.
Recently on a different game I noticed a tab in the game dashboard called 'Fallen Players', it mentions those that have passed away, this isnt an open for all to post page, one assigned person mails admin with a message , with Date, player name and faction etc. nothing bad just basic player facts and maybe a little respectful note.
What I am trying to say is, I personally think Firefly should have something similar for SHK and its members.

Sensible replies are welcome

I posted this in the wrong forum earlier, so put it in here too

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