Banqueting goods not producing

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Banqueting goods not producing

Post by Tanel468 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:27 pm

I have this issue in USA 5 server. Banqueting goods suddenly stopped producing, it's showing me i'm making 1800 venison per day but nothing is piling up in village hall. I've tried relogging, router restart, pc restart and even reinstalled the client but still the same. Nothing has been produced for over an hour now. I have 5x and 3x cards running for the production.
I've turned the production on and off several times now and this hasn't changed a thing. Waited several minutes between starting them up again.
Do you have any advice for me or can help me in any way to solve this?

// Edit:
I even canceled out my production cards, 5x for venison, furniture and metal and 3x for tailoring just incase there's some glitch there that i've got several cards running at once and it still didn't change a thing. Is my account cursed or under investigation or what is this? Several hours now tried all kinds of things it won't produce me any banqueting goods.

//Edit2: Worked well without cards for 2 hours and when i started up new cards the production just immedaetly stalled. Lost my hope already.

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