And they keep on multi-accounting

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Re: And they keep on multi-accounting

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Ok, @The Idiot, you are right about multi accounting using old accounts with FP just to have more resources in that way. But I was speaking more like multi accounting with a proper activity of attacking, capping, monking and not just use it as a toy to have fun and * the rival by cheating, which is a very common tool used in most of all worlds by all kind tipes of players.

Anyway, that is why I don't take seriously or invest any € in SHK except for premium in a few occasions. I won't care a game where there are cheaters in his different colors (exploiters, bug-abusers, multi-account,...)
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Re: And they keep on multi-accounting

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here's another intruder! long watched him from the beginning of the world, his little friend were making a Banquet to the primary account. Online matches 100 percent! there are still a few players around, but there I'm not sure on all of 100, so write their names I will not. administrators check those players! thanks in advance!

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Re: And they keep on multi-accounting

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