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Post attachments have been disabled.

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Due to maintenance being carried out on the Stronghold Kingdoms servers, attachments for posts and topics have been disabled.

Those wishing to post images on the site will now have to use an external image hosting site such as

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Re: Post attachments have been disabled.

Post by omar1994 »

Booooooooo!!!!! Where's our freedom of speach??? How dare you????!!!!
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Re: Post attachments have been disabled.

Post by DavidSpy »

I hope the images themselves won't be deleted, iirc there were several forum tutorials which made good use of attachments.
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Re: Post attachments have been disabled.


hi davidspy i'm looking forward to new content on your channel about s.h.k can you give me a roundabout time when you will restart with that.

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Re: Post attachments have been disabled.

Post by RedCrayon »

I haven't been able to log into Global Conflict 2 for 24 hours now. It keeps saying there is a script error?
Can anyone help please?

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Re: Post attachments have been disabled.

Post by dark destroyer »

can we not get back to having 10 factions in house , your system dont work , its giving to many houses problems on map , with so many neutrals

also bring down the level for razing down , its becoming boring this world already , theres 2 many 100 and odd day naps on here , because it cost to much to raze ,princes are razing a few villas then there outta the game for a few weeks to get honour back, marquis would do if you want a higher level for razing

also your flag system its stupid , could understand if were on another world and we was in another age on the world ,say age 2 or 3 , but to put the flag system for guilds so high on a new world , it dont work

you gotta do something or people will not play another world like this i for sure wont , this system is sure not going to work on a global map

fix it before people get bored and leave the game ,

ive played for years , and am not the only one who agrees , you gotta do something fast on here before people leave

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Re: Post attachments have been disabled.

Post by evgen1994 »

здравствуйте уважаемые администраторы , прошу вас исправить время размножения ии так как они слишком долго размножаются в округе и игра стала слишком легкой и скучной , надеюсь вы увеличите скорость размножения ии в округах

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