Age six, the end game.

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Age six, the end game.

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This is what I would like to see for the 6th age.

End these worlds at age 6. Age 6 is a Domination Age. If you haven't played on that World prior to the 6th age, you can't join the world, that simple.

Heads on a pike. Yes, its gruesome, but quite in keeping with the game. When you get reset there is no coming back to the world. The player that resets you gets your head on a pike to plant in his or her castle.

Use the same game template that is used for Domination Worlds, the world will last for 90 days, eliminate the houses and just have factions, 10 players per faction.

Add weapons drops, card pack drops, and wheel spin drops.

Three factions will be the winning factions. Faction with most points, faction with most heads, and a you pick the third thing...I have nothing.

Most important for me, no Houses, no King, just all out warfare.


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Re: Age six, the end game.

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get back to farming


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