Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

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Lady Magnanimus
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Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by Lady Magnanimus »

Happy Birthday Stronghold Kingdoms!

We're celebrating the 5th anniversary of Stronghold Kingdoms with daily chances for you to win valuable card pack bundles! Additionally to various competitions on our Facebook page, we'll post a daily question for you to answer as expertly as possible right here in the forum - for the next five days!

Once we post our question, you will have 24 hours to submit your answer by replying to the question thread. Each day, five of the most knowledgeable, witty and creative answers will be selected and awarded with card packs!

Are you ready?

Question of the day (Thursday): Describe how you would bring down an enemy’s walls as fast as possible.

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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by timwru »

March around it seven times blowing trumpets on the last one

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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by Lord-Venee »

i will use few trebuchet from long distance or if i have a chance will make some tunnels and will set free a lot of pigs inside and will burn the hole so the pigs will start to dig and will destroy the wall cuz the wall will sink.
I'm number one,two is not a winner and three nobody remembers...

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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by warlord1799 »

150 archers 150 pike and 600 catapults works everytime.

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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by naitik »

In game: Put 470 Catapults all around Castle, put in every single inch, and 5 Captains with 5 in front row having Battle Cry Tactics.

Out game: Rush Over Bulldozer over their walls, Fire a Atomic Bombs or Aim Laser/Acidic Gun to Mold entire wall within a milisecond

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Lord Darko900
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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by Lord Darko900 »

IF for walls then you can use catapults , pikemans with captains on battle cry to destroy walls faster ( using swordmans than pikeman will do it even faster )

if the question means towers than a 140-150 catapult drill will destroy towers very fast ( if cards not in play )

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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by ramciachciach »

I would gather my whole village, army and as many people I could've get and equip them with heavy boots.
Then, I would put on Kris Kross - Jump CD on ( :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ) and told my men to listen to this youngster and ... Jump Jump !!! :D
With this kind of unstoppable force, not only the walls would have fallen, but also the lyrics of this mighy little one song would convince the enemy's troops to join my righteous cause!

Peace bro's ;D :evil:

Emperor Lex
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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by Emperor Lex »

Will juse allot off catapults.......of if ther is no baistas inside castel....can juse captain tacticks...

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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by EmadAdelDesouky_ »

Clear his archers then send my catapults . I will hit his walls by these stony balls . that will reach the deep then my pikes enter safely the keep

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Re: Kingdoms Anniversary - Daily Quiz!

Post by master_crinas »

call miley cyrus , i heard she as a wrecking ball and she destroys everything
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