Why do we put up with such shameful opulence from H10?

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Re: Why do we put up with such shameful opulence from H10?

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i once put id on a rats castle in hope he would be nice and leave me alone.. he didnt

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Re: Why do we put up with such shameful opulence from H10?

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oh i gotta stir the turd pot a bit lol. beer makes us do really odd things. which brings me to kor-wani's goat. dude, i am so sorry. it was a wild turkey night and if any of them come out looking like me i have a gunny sack and know a deep lake to toss them in. sorry about that bro., i have since been hospitalized and refrain from such actions. probably why i now have a 2 year old and one on the way lol. (not goats) btw :ugeek:

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Re: Why do we put up with such shameful opulence from H10?

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Oh let me hit this post....

So the other day, the local H10 Sherrif, Roe Chloe see's me online and goes into panic mode, Roe tells me to ID up all my parishes, drop house, raid all the gold from mt team's parishes, and then Roe would raid my gold so it would be safe from the bandits....namely Big Killers...

So I said no, asked him or her what size clown shoes they have on and went back to fixing AI damage...sounds like a normal day on sleepy W4 right.

Wrong, no sooner have I repaired the next castles walls, my incoming attack thingy lights up with multiple inbound attacks, so I look, and I am like *, they are all heading to my parish. I guess Roe either didn't like the clown shoe question, or didn't believe me when I told her/him that I have no gold in my parishes so bandits like Big Killers cant steal it..

Two attacks 30 seconds apart and 1 minute out, I am thinking put troops on the walls or no...um, put troops on the walls, I max out archers.

First attack hits, 600 man army, 200 cats, 300 archers and 100 pikes. 200 cats die, all the pikes and most of the archers and Roe walked away with 2 gold.

Second attack hits, parish army this time, same troop amount, just less archer, same result, except this time she only got 1 gold.

So then this mellonhead decides that my gold must be somewhere in one of my many parishes...or maybe even in one of my house mates parishes and she goes on a looting spree, knocking down everybody's walls to look for the gold.

Did I mention the part where I was still an officer in H18 yet, or that I have been on W4 since the first age when not all the county's were even open? No, well now you know.

So I send her house marshal a quick mail, he says he will do something...right, the attacks continue yadda yadda yadda and now I find out I have been marked as a bandit for not consenting to Roe stealing my 3 piece of gold because she was worried Big Killers would get it, hum, this logic defies me but whatever.

So now H10 decides that since H18 is now harboring a bandit that H18, who has been peaceful and relaxed since forever is in danger, so I dropped house and form my own little faction, Little Brown Mountains Adventures and Stuff, I really liked that name and I hope you do to.

So besides the fact that I am busy on other worlds, suddenly W4 just got one tick more exciting and needed my attention.

Time for Steamy to pop some cards.

So far I have lost 3 pcs of parish gold and one pig farm to a ransack raid. I have looted H10 for well over 3 million in parish gold which was spent entirely on cats to knock down more H10 parish walls and steal more of their gold.

For some reason H10 mellonheads can't seem to sort out that dropping 10 days worth of excomm on one of my villages is quite useless when it takes my monks less than 2 minutes to get to that village, in fact, as monks pass by one of my villages I launch a monk from it to the destination of the passing monk...what was even sadder was Roe can only field 7 monks and only has excomm trained up to three hours so every hit is like 21 hours.....laughable.

I woke up this am to find all 26 of my villages had days and weeks worth of ec on them, I dropped one village that was a pimple, bought the charter and absolved everything in less time than it takes to drink 2 coffees.

Oh, yeah, the point of this post, putting ID on parishes, hum, Roe Chloe did that. It was like a big red light on the parishes that had the gold in them, that ID dropped about 30 minutes ago, I bagged another 750k in gold.

Sadly, some of the more savvy H10 players saw my raids and raided me, it was really hard to buy and disband 750k worth of parish catapults and such in the less than 2 minutes that I had to burn the gold, I only managed to burn about 640k worth before Popeye25 hit back and scooped the balance.

Ironically, while H10 was all in a frenzy about putting excomm all over me, Big Killers slid right by them undetected until it was too late...ofc he razed 3 or 4 villages.

Come join us on W4 and put H10 to sleep.



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