Age 4 Bs

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Age 4 Bs

Post by delta2k17 »

So the age 4 rules are this

1. Crown Princes may now own up to 40 villages.
2. Army and Scout movement speeds are three times faster than in the First Age.
3. Weapons can no longer be sold or purchased at Markets.
4. Goods will be cleared from all Markets, with prices reset to their starting level.
5. The Faith Point cost for Interdiction has been increased.
6. A Military School can be built in a parish, which gives access to Bombards.
7. All in-game Factions and Houses will be disbanded.
8. All capital forums and walls will be cleared.
9. Houses limited to 3 factions. The first faction to apply is accepted automatically, all other factions must be voted in.
10. Certain upgradable Parish buildings can now gain 5 additional levels.
11. Capturing a village previously lost to an enemy carries no honor cost

Ok so number 1. Why the * we just wanting players to own 40 villages. Like 40 villages seriously? Army and scout speed sounds fun, weapons can no longer be purchase from markets ? Well thats *, that just means players who dont card cant jump as effectively anymore and be put at another disadvantage ( nice thinking FF ). Fps increased, okay makes sense. Whats a bombard? All factions disbanded, typical ok. Forums ,walls cleared, ok. HOUSE LIMITED TO 3 FACTIONS?!?!?!? There are 9k players on W1, and youre only going to give us 2400 spots to even be in a house? You had to drop it from 20 to 3, not like 20 7 maybe? Thats the exact reason my team left domination world , we all wanted to play together as a house not a bunch of neutral factions , I guess this is FFs way of trying to close the world down slowly. Anyways, parish upgrades increased, nice, keeping team player alive for me, and capturing a village previously lost to a enemy is a good idea :)

So thats just my thoughts on it

- Delta

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by iAura »

I agree
Other stuff is pretty nice though. :D

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by JeffKFG »

"Thanks to your excellent feedback in the forums, on Twitter and Facebook, we were able to design a unique rule set to make the Fourth Age a fast and dynamic experience, even for Third Age veterans."

I would love to know whose feedback FF has been listening to as it definitely isn't the vast majority of players playing this game.
This ruleset is also pretty vague. How much will Interdiction now cost? What in gods name is a Bombard? And the worst one of all, if you're insisting on limiting Houses to 3 factions, are you at least going to up the number of players allowed per faction?

"3. Weapons can no longer be sold or purchased at Markets." - Did anyone ask for this? Whats the point in making attack speed faster if you're just going to slow it down again by making people wait ages to fight by either having to trade weapons from other villages, or else farm them.

Also, will parish gold be reset?

In general, I dont think this ruleset does much to enhance gameplay, only frustrate long term players.

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by greatman63 »

I totally agree with increasing the faith points cost for ID.
I like that the speed of scouts is increased.
I prefer no weapon trading.
40 VILLAGES?!! Not only do i not want to have even 30
(they would be hard to manage and to effectively use), but also players who have more time to spend, would have an even unfairer advantage than the use of cards.

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by Lord Klein »

I agree with most of what my friend Delta says.

Maybe FF want to kill the world. And in such case I guess they will not listen to reason anyway.
But if FF has an interest in keeping W1 alive. Then please do make some reconsiderations!!
The fact that you cannot delete fully upgraded parish buildings means that now only military buildings are placed in capital villages. This is a really big disadvantage for new and lowrank players on the map since all their production is horrible slow and will kill their interest in the game. If no new players are interested in joining the world it will surely die. So please please give us the possibility to delete upgraded buildings without loosing the bonus.
Also I hope FF will not reset the current parish buildings. I also believe many will loose interest if we again have to start from scratch. Again a way to kill the map vs. a chance to make it bit more interesting also for new players to join W1.

Decreasing the size of houses is a good idea. But 3 factions is just too small house! Just consider how many proud old factions exist in 1st age!!!! Now many of these will be domed to exist without house color. Houses should consist of 7-10 factions! This would balance things much more.

Also I think that when you upgrade the speed of so many other types then you should also upgrade speed of traders. It is a killer to sit and wait for those slow traders! Especially now you will kill weapons sale and purchase in parish it will be more handy to be able to transfer weapons to other villages faster.

Change no 11 is nice. But also here depending on how it will work. Does this mean that some farmer player with 30 villages can now hand over 20 villages to some other farmers and start jumping in enemy territory for a while and then retake his villages at no honor cost like a month later?

FF should so something about the trouble we have with certain jumpers placing new villages who stay in 3 days peacetime and taking advantage of this. How about preventing villages in peacetime from sending any monks as long as they are in peacetime? Or make it so that 2nd and later villages of players does not have a peacetime, but maybe instead a possibility for cheap ID for first 3-5 days.

If that bombards is a defence function it sounds rather interesting. Especially I think it is just too * difficult to defend a parish against goldraids. The goldraids are simply too easy done!

Anyway... most of all this new idea with only 3 factions pr house is really the worst!!!!

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by AskFace »

Lol if this is it i wont bother coming back next age to fight i planned on hopping next age when a new war begins. This rule set destroys that lol unless i spend 100's of pounds on this game.
Change this crap before maybe people leave lol.

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by KamMik »

Even more fp for ID... sucks... not sure if more wars or less..
3 Faction per house seem fun but well, no space for everyone, 5-10 Faction per house would be cool maybe... and Glory will last forever.. boooooooooooooring....
Other stuff... Jumpers will be kinda in bad spot... you either card weapons or send merchants with weapons... lots of time wasted or money used... maybe make it so people can't trade/send monks from chartered village til peacetime runs out instead...

Maybe make Castle build x2 faster or something......

Those rules just plain suck tbh, very disappointed, FF had so much time to think about them and well nothing much special but boring and lame stuff....

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by Kedavra »

Higher FP costs sucks tbh, that will make wars shorter and there will be less of them.
As far as houses are concerned I would suggest more houses. 2400 on a world who can join a house is too less.

And yeah, forget about the thing with no weapon trading please. Jumping is an essential part of this game, that would become impossible.

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by fabio_10 »

Nice for all but i dont agree about trading can i restart to play if i cant buy weapons? I'lll be razed after three days of peace...not happy for this.

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Re: Age 4 Bs

Post by Gimpy_General »

Dear Firefly studios,

You have done such a TERRIBLE job on the 4th age revision that I honestly have no desire to even play the fourth age. I'm not a big spender, but I do spend money on your game and now I have no reason to.

No weapon trading is the biggest "pay to win" move I've ever seen, thanks for ruining everyone's fun.

Edit: Fabio, you're 3 villages away from'd be razed with or without weapons :)

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