H20 vs h8

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Re: H20 vs h8

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DavidSpy wrote:
Neukdeh wrote:why are all of Gerusalem's posts deleted? I was enjoying the trash talking and fire..
To the best of my knowledge, things didn't go his way and he ended up deleting them after he lost a lot in-game.
I think Sadistica of H10 razed him 4 or 5 times.... It was great. lol
The worlds do not die because of Firefly opening new worlds, the worlds die because the players on those worlds let them.

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Re: H20 vs h8

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Well I see that he is still around and I guess just taking this time to rebuild and reinforce.

@ Ajr568 - Did his group officially surrender? Did he?

How do you treat former enemies that drop houses?

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