Resources are delivered, but village shows naught.

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Resources are delivered, but village shows naught.

Post by osmosium » Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:16 am

Sent wood/stone/apples to brand new 2nd village. Received notice all had been delivered. Village shows no wood/stone/apple? The reports verify I sent resources to the correct village.

Please help, can anyone tell me what Im missing here?


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Re: Resources are delivered, but village shows naught.

Post by Merepatra » Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:24 am

Have you placed a Stockpile and Granary in the village? These are preplaced in your first village but need to be manually placed by the player in any later bought villages.

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Re: Resources are delivered, but village shows naught.

Post by Minorthreatt » Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:18 pm

That's almost certainly the issue. It's happened to me before too. It's the same with Ale - you have to build an inn first to "hold it", so don't send 4,500 ale to a new village without an inn *suffers the memory*...

What I believe should be, and could be easily implemented: When a merchant transfers stock like that to a village, and the player does not realize there is no room for it, the merchant message should say "undeliverable - no space/stockpile, whatever", and the merchant can just bring it on the trip back. It makes perfect real world sense, which is almost always a good way to go with these things when you can as a developer, because people use logic to make decisions (mostly...) and logically a merchant wouldn't dump the load of goods out on the side of the road that return with nothing, having wasted it.

The same goes for transfering troops. I recently made the mistake of trying to re-enforce a village with 200 troops, not realizing that there was only room for 5. Well it got there and 195 archers just dissapeared... took days to create them all. To me that says that when they got there, and found there were not enough bunkbeds for them, the local barracks commander ordered them all to slit their throats rather than return from where they came. Doesn't make any real world sense, or game sense - just an annoying ilogical trap that can happen to anybody trying to micromanage all the things going on in this game. The troops that cannot fit should turn around and go back to the village/parish they came from, instead of committing suicide - much more friendly and senseable. Think of the children!

What fault could anybody find in this situation? If you send the supplies/troops and then they return and the spots there have been filled up again already before they could return = fine, burn the vegatables and the soldiers and have a pagan ritual that blesses or curses the village with a rank x faction points multiplyer divided by hours played and subtract one fourth of the negative or positive effect only if they have justice buildings, but not if the have a Maypole.

Just kidding, just delete them if they return and the stock is full again - then the player deserves it, lol (and if I'm thinking right, you can't create another soldier to fill the space anyhow, because the space is never open again until they die, or in your current case, commit suicide due to lack of sleepover party bunk beds).

Dispute that. *over-confidant posturing*
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