Major Bugs - Updates/Fixes and Workarounds For Players

This forum is for bugs, crash reports and error messages encountered when attempting to install or run the game.
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Major Bugs - Updates/Fixes and Workarounds For Players

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Please note that All of these bugs are being worked on.

Installation Problems
  • Installer won't continue/Gets Stuck - The update failed to complete, "Report Error - This report has been deleted"
  • In order to correct this problem, you would need to uninstall the game as per normal from Control Panel, Programs and Features in Windows Vista/7 or Add/Remove programs in Windows XP.
  • Once the Stronghold Kingdoms has been removed you will need to manually delete some hidden files, so you may want to turn them on/make visible
    (operating system dependant where it'll be located) :
Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms (hidden folders needs turning on)
C:\Program Files\Firefly Studios and delete the Stronghold Kingdoms folder.

Windows Vista 32/64 / Windows 7 32/64
C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData (hidden folder)\Roaming\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms
C:\Program Files\Firefly Studios and delete the Stronghold Kingdoms folder.

Open the login site, download and install Stronghold Kingdoms as normal.

*To Make Hidden Files Viewable
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7: From the Start Menu Choose Computer/C: (or letter your drive is called) Then on the menu bar click on Organise/Folders And Search Options/View And within this view tab you will see Hidden Files and Folders, select "Show Hidden Files And Folders"
  • Windows XP: Open My Computer, click on Tools in the top menu open Folder Options and within the View tab you will see Hidden files and folders, select "Show hidden files and folders".

Problem With DirectX
  • Message says : There is a problem with DirectX, please contact support

This problem is often caused by a graphics driver not being installed/correctly installed. Try re-installing that driver and if you still receive the error please refer to this post in Support Knowledge Base : ... ct-support

Flickering Graphics In Game
  • Graphics flicker in game.
  • Unfortunately, this problem is usually linked to an older version of Intel graphics cards, there isn't a solution available for it at the moment, but we hope to have a fix for this in the future. (mostly applied to onboard laptop graphics)

Update Error
  • The error message reads 'dday.update error'

To remove this error the player should do the following:
  • Press CTRL, ALT, DEL and look in the Processes tab.
  • Look for StrongholdKingdoms.exe (KingdomsMain), select it and press End Process.
  • You will be asked if you are sure you want to end the process.
  • Click on End Process, now try and run the game as normal.
If, after doing the above you still have a Dday issue then you will need to re-install the game. This is the link to Support in regards to this issue : ... or-message

Invalid Security Certificate error
  • The invalid security certificate problem is usually caused by the date and time being wrong on the computer.
  • The problem should be solved if you correct the date and time.

  • "Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.
  • The 'Application not found' message is is due to the default browser not being set or a http association is incorrect.
The instructions below should help you to solve this problem:

Reset the default web browser
1. Click Start, Default Programs
2. Click Set your default programs
3. Select your web browser from the list
4. Click Set this program as default
5. Click OK.
  • Then follow these steps:
1. Click Set program access and computer defaults
2. Click Continue if you see the User Account Control prompt.
3. Click Custom
4. Select your web browser from the list
5. Click OK.

Available from: ... ng-an-url/


Pitch Pots Do Not Update
  • Placing Pitch Pots does not reduce stockpile until confirmed.
  • It pays to add a couple at a time then "Press Confirm" this then updates the stockpile and shows how much is left.

Merchant/Scout Issue
  • Merchants/Scouts have doubled in the Make Troops panel.
  • This is down to game lag and will correct itself but you can force a client refresh. Close the client down (and steam if you play through that) and then re-log

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