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Can't Log In To GC5

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 12:39 am
by HiddenDisclaimer
Alright so I'm having a weird issue ever since I had to change my email account to log in.. So now I can log onto ANY world, other than GC5. I get a random error screen that pops up and then it times out. This is a very strange, very specific issue that I am having. Has anyone else experienced this issue? After 10 days of waiting on support to respond to my ticket their answer was "This appears to be the result on internet security or other anti-virus software monitoring or restricting your internet traffic." I just don't understand how this could be the reason when I can log into any world other than GC5.

I've tried deleting and Re-Downloading the game and am still having this issue. Anyone have any ideas?