In game card issues

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In game card issues

Post by Teutons » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:51 pm

Hi, looking for answers & help.
I had posted this accidentally in Mobile area, Del it & reposted it here. I'm on win 10 PC & I submitted a ticket with support short while ago.

Maybe I don't understand how the card feature works, despite playing on many worlds since 2013, but I have traded in tons of cards for card points to use on getting specific cards I need.

When I go to swap card points for a card I get pop up window informing me I have more than 2000 unused cards & that I need to play or trade some in.

When I click on the card menu up top,it shows

All cards: 2000

Playable: 1747

unopened card packs: 1152

am I to assume that the unopen card pack total is calculated into the total cards count?

but in game when I use cards, the total cards count [2000] dips below the 2000 count depending on how many cards I used, but still won't allow me to exchange cards points for cards or open card packs.

Another issue, when I log off & back in, the total card count goes back to 2000 & even the playable cards count reverts back to 1747 even though I used up or traded in cards.

Is this a bug or am I missing something here, reply would be greatly appreciated as this is frustrating & I never ran into this issue before.

I played around 7 production cards [food & weapons] I checked the total card count it dipped to: 1993 & the playable cards count to: 1740,

I then logged out & back in & both counts reverted back to 2000 & 1747 respectively, despite that all 7 cards are in play. something is wrong here.
Can an admin look into this for me & reply back?

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Re: In game card issues

Post by Teutons » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:59 pm

3 emails later & only 1 reply back from so-called support. wow.

in their only reply, they tell me

" Hello,

Having looked at your account we have seen you have reached the card limit of 2,000 cards.
It is possible the server has additionally cards in its backlog, potential you could really have 2,010 cards but the game wouldn't display this."

no follow up or suggestions or solution offered me.

since then I have used & traded in over 100 cards & each time both the Total & playable counts decrease in the display, but I can't obtain a new card, keep getting pop msg about being @ 2000 cards max.

but then I log off & back in & both counts reset to 2000 (total) & 1809 (playable)

here are examples, I just played & traded in cards, the Total card count reflects it right away:

here's the Playable count:

you can also see the day & time stamp above in both screenshots to note its seconds within each other when snapped. As I just traded in 31 cards for pts, but
I can't get new cards because I get this pop-up error msg:

Now I just signed off & back in & both Total & Playable card counts reset to 2000 & 1809 respectively,



all screenshots have the day & time stamp to reflect each occurrence. This is some kind of bug affecting solely me it
seems, & no resolution or help provided.

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Re: In game card issues

Post by Teutons » Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:45 am

************ Update ************

so I figured out how to resolve this issue, which I am not sure is just isolated to myself or not.

I resolved the issue by going into the game settings & unchecking both boxes next to,

"buy multi card packs'
"open multi card packs"

when I had these both checked the game would automatically open new card packs everytime I used cards & would increase total card count back to 2000, thus
the issue I was having.

How I know this was because I had no more honor cards in my inventory then early as I was growing through my library I suddenly had a new honor card.

hopefully, this helps you guys out in case in future you get this issue.

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