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Blocked account

Post by AHMED.Z » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:54 pm

Hi My name Is AHMED.Z , i am a player of stronghold kingdoms and iam a veteran player i started on world 6 since the beginning of the world and i played almost 5 worlds and i left the game for personal issues , thus when i wanted to come back to the game which is this day that i am submitting my issue to you , i could not log into any world because it says that my account was blocked by your automatic system to prevent misuse so i just want to know why because when i left the game i just logged off and deleted the game and i did not do any thing wrong , so i would appreciate if you look into this problem and contact me as soon as you get my message because i am so eager to play the game again and you will lunch the game on android soon and that's what i was looking for when i downloaded it again, thus your rules say that a (A blocked account will remain blocked for a minimum of 7 days in most cases) so this means i left the game about 2-3 years ago so i don't know what's wrong please help with this issue and i will be greatfull. Thank you for you time.

Thank's for all your support.
Your Humble Player AHMED.Z

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Re: Blocked account

Post by King Aragon » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:55 am

What happened?

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