Complaint - Conclusion of World 8

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Alexander IIIII
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Complaint - Conclusion of World 8

Post by Alexander IIIII » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:43 am

Dear SK,

I see the forum for World 8 is now closed and locked.
I have been on that world since the first age.. years of enjoyment there.. to my amazement having returned to see its conclusion i have not been rewarded at all with the bronze bonus package which was published i'd receive, i am aware many, many others haven't either, it was only the bronze award, but in any case surely SK have not gone back down the route of only the house winners come away with bonus'.. i read some time ago about this being a potential end result which sparked a lot of controversy with some very loyal members old and new making it clear they would walk away from the game if this was the case. It is also quite clear i am not the only one effected here.. there are many.. which is sad.

Unless something changes within the next 7 days I will join the ever growing list of those who walk away.. it simply cant be right to treat long term loyal members this way, it's killing the game, and in which case when you work out how much money many of us have put in over those years.. it makes me realize maybe this is not the type of company/game set up i was happy to promote after all.

I really hope someone gets back to me or credits my account within this time period (7 days), if not then so be it.

Kind Regards

Alexander IIIII

Lord Friendly
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Re: Complaint - Conclusion of World 8

Post by Lord Friendly » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:45 pm

Please contact support to allow us to answer your enquiry -

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