Era rules Classic Rules Next Server

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Era rules Classic Rules Next Server

Post by TarraWhiteChild » Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:43 pm

Look, I have reached a moment of desperation now. Many people have posted on the forum about these new era rules and how it has put them off the game. People who I have known for years on the game are leaving. I get that you had to put all your resources into the mobile app. But what good will that app do if no one is playing the game. Whew, okay, question or kind request to you all is this

Are you opening a new server with the 'classic' rules set, much like on World 1? If the next server is not, do you have plan to open one in the near future? If not, will you please consider it? There's going to be a massive player drain, more so than right now, if not.

I am on USA 4 and it was almost dead on arrival, because of the new rules set.

Oh and please respond to someone, anyone, in the forums about this. Many many players are posting, with no response at all from you guys. It gives a sense that either you don't know what you're doing, or you don't care.

I am more than happy to chip in to help, if I can. Just point me in a direction.

thank you for your time and I hope someone answers this.

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