Possible glitch with guild boosts.

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Possible glitch with guild boosts.

Post by Mario96LPFan »

So, I was flexing on teamspeak with how many more catapults my parish was producing,when I noticed a problem.

Village 1 without any Guild produces 4,8 catapults per day.

Village 2 with the guild on stage 18 with a 310% boost only produces 10,6 catapults per day.

How does the math add up there, if I'm not mistaken I should get about 20 catapults per day?

Danso 2.0
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Re: Possible glitch with guild boosts.

Post by Danso 2.0 »

if i am not wrong, the Guild boost just counts on the catapults you produce without! your researchs.
From your research you get 250% more.
Try to calculate the same but with a base production -250%

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