Difficulties to manage provosts in the world 2

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Difficulties to manage provosts in the world 2

Post by mahakada » Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:15 pm

I am currently provost of Joze and Saint Beauzaire in this wonderful department of Puy de Dome.
I encounter difficulties in managing these 2 provosts because the only thing I can do there is to adjust the tax rate.
Impossible to build, repair anything.
Is there a bug in the game?
Or would I miss an obvious?
Moreover for the story, on one of the 2 provosts, on the map of the castle, there is a beautiful HS drawn with the stones.
Would this be a warning from the technical staff?
If the bug is real and irreparable, have I the possibility to migrate elsewhere without losing the development of my current villages located on them?

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Re: Difficulties to manage provosts in the world 2

Post by King Phillip II » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:36 pm

To build things in the parish castle you need the following guilds in your parish:
- Architect's guild
- Sergeants at arm office

Are you sure you have them placed and upgraded?

To place guilds in the parish you only need flags and gold.

Not to forget:
You also need the basic wood, stone and iron in your parish if you want to make adjustments to it's castle.
In the parish 'Trade' tab you can but those resources with parish gold, but you can also send it from your villages.
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