Day 2

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Day 2

Post by descention » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:23 pm

I have a fairly stable setup going now. I've reached the rank of Freeman (8) and am reasonably satisfied with my town.

Eight woodcutters (10,018 wood/d), Eleven Quarries (12,949 stone/d), five Orchards (44,064 apples/d), Four Dairy farms (6,173 cheese/d), and Two breweries (570 ale/d).

I'm going the industrial route, trying to produce large amounts of wood,stone, and apples to sell on the market. I've all but maxed the forestry, am currently researching the last bit of quarrying, and maxed out the orchard tree. I made a few mistakes along the way such as: lvl 1 in banqueting and lvl 1 fletching. I also could have done without lvl 1 decoration and lvl 1 dairy farming. Stone in my parish is currently in high demand so that is what I will be stockpiling up for trade. My current population is 32 people, with two of them just lazying around.

As per village building placement, I've moved the stockpile a few ticks south to increase stone production. I've moved the granary to be north east of my Great Hall, which I believe will provide me more space to place orchards. The Inn is directly south of my Hall, with enough room to fit up to eight breweries around it (at least). My Market is far north of my Hall as to not be in the way.

This is my setup 46 hours after starting the game.

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Re: Day 2

Post by Darkbreeze » Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:31 pm

pretty nice tho, i made the mistake myself in not being sure what way to go, but well top be honest the most effective way is in trading pretty early cuz it will grant u an enormous bonus of researching points.

a well balanced matter of stash-scouting and trading is the key to get many bonus research points ;)
that's the way i did it ^^
Pro :
-Fallen Units can be easily recruited back because of an pretty great amount of gold
-Bonus research points, and the ability to easily scout a great amount of goods of any type.
-U can donate a great amount of resources to ur parish

-Pretty scout based, almost each point should be invested in scouts / foraging and horsemenship / Trading
-weak defense
-slow troops

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