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Re: Cards

Post by Bodvok » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:35 am

warlord_designs wrote:The game is not being reset after the beta phase so that is why crowns are now priced :)

Many people have bought crowns already.
do you take passport to leisure ? jobless-bums like me cant afford 3 quid on crowns , when loaves of bread are over a quid ;P

well seeing as i was excommunicated from the boards last alpha, even when posting to damage control, i never really got to put some input for the cards usage ... i thought it was excellent, and complimented making twinky villages to a degree i thought not possible ..

o did you sort out the overinflated villages? ie creating up to 500 peasants, then waiting for your village to get its full capacity , ie no more villagers arrive .. and then disbanding xxx peasants to really give your housing bonus a kick downhill .. strangely, tho, the taxing benefit was enormous.


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