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troops replacement won't respawn for castle

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:00 am
by DudeNUKEM
troops replacement won't respawn for castle
defense lost over 100k in stone because i cant reload archers 3 more big hits and i b toast
Barracks shows spare u space 0 troops 2 max army all green 600
i got 500 bows , 100K gold,
peasants 188/188 - 75 and i think i have right research
command is 10
conscript 8
longbow 5
defense 5

at one time had 100 archers in barracks but when i hit the tabs in castle
it is 0 for archers or any of others i needed merchants so i disbanded all the troops for
that thinking more would show but zippo , how many peasants do ou need
to maximize your troops how many troops do you all use on castle walls

thanks for any insight