Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

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Cheeky Leaks
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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Cheeky Leaks » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:48 pm

You can delete my posts but you can't get rid of me!

Your game is hopelessly broken, and having mobile is going to open the floodgates of untraceable alts!

The age of cheaters is coming. Heed my words! CHEATERS EVERYWHERE OH NO!

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by zafont » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:18 pm

guys, one fellow player above, asked about the possible change you are planning in the ability to relocate the Town Hall, and there is no answer yet. Can you please give us a comment on that and wether it is going to come in effect with the launch of E4?

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by hylanda » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:03 pm

zafont wrote:@Firefly
guys, one fellow player above, asked about the possible change you are planning in the ability to relocate the Town Hall, and there is no answer yet. Can you please give us a comment on that and wether it is going to come in effect with the launch of E4?
Personally, the best I'm hoping for is that they made a typo and meant the Village Hall rather than the Town Hall... :roll:

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by andreibaru » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:35 am

I simply cannot say this enough to you guys.


It cannot be underestimated how uch you are * yourselves.

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by swift231 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:18 am

yes an 8 page thread on forums is highly disappointing for a new server release, but I guess its to be expected considering the forums themselves seem barely used.

Regardless what I'm actually posting for is :

Anyone interested in starting up a faction / house right now, so we can power farm and group up at launch, only looking for experienced players and I don't want to be the leader / marshal and the end goal of faction would be pvp and world domination.

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by BUTTERCUP » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:24 pm

Hi swift,

Ide be up for forming a coalition of players at the beginning of the new ERA world. Ive played since 2012 however changed my user name due to creating to many enemies through razing, people tend to take it very personally for some strange reason.

In terms of leadership positions would need to be someone else due to the excessive time needed in managing large active factions. If we can get a group of experienced players together , I dont know maybe 10 or 12 players we could look at spawning in 3 counties near each other and try to tie these counties up quickly. Suppose it just depends whether there are other players interested in the above proposal.

Hopefully we here from other players between today and tomorrow so we can plan logistical counties spawn in together at game start. Fingers crossed...

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Klatsche1994 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:26 pm

haha i made only one comment about it and they finally close rise of the wolf xD i love it

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by meatball2k » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:36 pm

BeowulfKing wrote:
meatball2k wrote: I look forward to mobile launch so I can get into this new world where those pussys who have to pay for I'D or farmers who sit on 20 villages building millions of fp are no longer a threat.
lol Farmers will not be threat bec they will not fight at all, but you also will not be threat to anyone either.
those pussyss who pay for id are heavy carders, when your faith runs out in 2months of war they will wipe you out. Domination world starts, means they dont need to pay for id anymore, they just need to buy cards from now on and keep sending attacks on you. I know carders who were spending 1k$ a week, what can u do against them when your faith runs out with your 3k card points(not a question). Have you ever been bellow 5-10k faith and enemy faction is sending attacks on you anywhere on map?
And with this new world you will not be able to fool anyone that you have more faith. Chasing players will be common. First they chase weaker, then they will break your spine, forcing your medium strong ones to quit by chasing them anywhere. Best will remain for the end in factions of 5-10 players with low faith.
and then you will ask for peace if you are strong enough to admit defeat.
Or you can keep rogue fighting and razing easy castles of their unactives and saying look my razes on leaderboards.

Gc1 have lot of safe zones. What about a point in game when there are no safe zones like for sneaky was now in H19. How fast your faith was runing out, Why did you quit anyway, is it bec of low faith also? Im sure if you had it in abundance you would keep on.
I quit because I said I would last around 3-4 weeks, I did the whole fighting the huge house once before and it was draining so I said I would go hard for 3-4 weeks I did pretty decent and ended gc1 on 62k fp and just under 7 million gold. Could have played on for another 4-6 weeks obviously dropping down villages so not to waste fp but really couldn't be bothered doing that, so yeah that's why I quit it was just taking away to much time from real life duties.

As for any new worlds I am fairly confident I will do well as got a good group of players to play with and with fp cap it will not be possible to fight none stop so there will have to be wiser choices made less people with 16+ villages so more competition all round, I dont know I am only assuming it could be a huge pile of shi* also but we will never know until we play it. I lasted a while in gc1 against all the odds so I'm confident in my ability to last on any new worlds especially since the fp cap doesn't effect me at all.

conquorer 54 rank
annihilator 105 rank

personal best for me in any first age ive played not bad for 3k card points plus took part in 100s of other razes with my faction, I could have done what you did and just watch the world play out and kill some treasure castles.

Viking John Jr
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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Viking John Jr » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:53 pm

nothing here will stop rogues ,, the biggest problem and why rogues can do what they do is because this game has very small player base , and all the new rule about Prince being the only one who can raze will make this game even more boring at low rank then it already is . When every parish has only 1 village in it then rogue's can take em with a few monks and very little FP ..

So basically these new rules do nothing but make the game even more boring early on then it was befor , most the older players hate starting on new worlds because it takes so long to get up and running . With the player base this game has , there should not be more then 1 of each map and that might be too many worlds , I use to spend 15 bucks every month when I played world 1 first age , and usa 1 first age ,, . usa 1 didn't even last till 2nd age befor it died ,, then when they opened wolf world I played 15 bucks every 2 months for tokens till they killed that world last year and I quit there,, since then I haven't spent any on this game ,, and my gamming budget has went from 15 bucks a month to 40 for the last 6 months , but have been buying other games to play with. rather spend 80 bucks on a good game I enjoy then just paying for a game that just wants to suck you dry.

Make the game great and people will spend money on it 25,000 spending 15 bucks a month will make you a lot more then 500 players spending 250 bucks for the first month of a new map then not need to worry about anything after they clobber the players who are limited to only 15-20 bucks and then they quit the game and FF gets nothing till they open their next map .

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by eric0d » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:19 pm

While I am happy to finally hear that FF actually admits that multi-accounts are an issue, I do not truly believe the motivation for the new ruleset is designed to eliminate multi-accounts. I believe they realize that new players coming to the game are met with hostility and typically razed and that is the main problem in their view . . . and frankly it is a worthy problem to solve.

Therefore everyone here that is complaining about not being able to raze until you get to Prince and stating that it is a huge disadvantage, is telling FF exactly what they want to hear: there will be less razes and therefore new players will be able to stay in the game until they have a chance to prove themselves.

A quick sidebar . . . I never understood why it made sense to raze a player that can merely respawn one minute later. I feel it is much more effective to pillage and ransack the player . . . generally less honour involved and more disruptive to the player. Make them abandon the village which they can only do once a week.
Back to the topic at hand – the goal of the new rules is less about stopping multi-accounts, because anyone that knows the game can tell you that the new ruleset will merely delay the time at which point an alt account will become useful and will not greatly limit their usage.

Additionally, alt accounts are leveraged in more ways than just monks. I know some players that spawn new accounts to produce honour goods to help out in the first few days of a new server. The primary account doesn’t waste research on honour good production, but is still able to banquet and rank up at a better rate than the rest of us. In addition, the alt account is used to capture that second village without paying the 10k+ gold which is not insignificant in the first few days of a server. Sometimes the alt account “reserves” a parish until the primary account captures their village and takes the parish over. None of this is addressed with the new ruleset, because none of this impacts the games attractiveness to the newer players.

As for a faith point cap, there are impacts that are both positive and negative. It helps address the concern in those later “ages” when players have sat idle for years and now have millions of faith, but it may actually encourage the use of multi-accounts. In Euro 1 there were players that would put their primary account on vaca mode and then use their secondary account as their new main account. When the primary account came off vacation mode the account would be out of a faction and house and sitting with villages producing faith. At some point the secondary account would be out of FPs and then that account would go on vacation mode and the cycle would continue.

With the new rules, it will take more time and difficulty to implement this method of cheating, however, I would argue that with a cap on FPs, the value of more accounts will increase tremendously. The advantage or value of a second and third account rises significantly the more restrictions you place on FPs or any other element of the game. It will take some time, but eventually players will realize the value and be more motivated to have multiple accounts. It wouldn’t bother me if I had the same opportunity to cheat as others, but with no shared IP address to leverage or a family full of laptops to play with, it is an unfair advantage for my potential adversaries.

I agree with most people here that the raze at Prince is ridiculous and will foster a fair amount of carding and given the amount of free cards you guys have been giving away on the AI worlds, I expect it will become amateur hour when the first new world opens in the next few days.

I have a small at-home popcorn maker being delivered. I can’t wait to see this mess of wannabe carders mixed with pent up frustration from players that have wanted a new server for almost a year. It’s going to be fun . . .

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