Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by lawn_knome » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:31 pm

I am very hopeful that this game world will be an improvement over the faith point system in the other worlds. as a new player only 4 months, I have ranked up and tried to fight but everyone else seems to have millions of faith points and there is nothing I can do about it and I get weeks of excommunication and destroyed. but having to wait until prince to raze is lame, really lame. fighting and destroying castles is what this game is all about and now if its gone, what's left?

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by tamer123 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:14 pm

dont worry everyone

im sure FF will lower the required rank to be able to raze :)

they know lf they dont they will loss players ;)

overall this is only perfect for heavy carders not everyone

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Lord Alacrity » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:01 pm

Dave1 wrote:Yes good fun being a low rank raiser Knight or Barron been there got the T shirt but cheats use them as the high ranks blow the castles open and in a lot of cases use these low rank raisers/alts just to save the high ranks honor
Exactly. We are not removing raze from the game, but we do feel like it is a very harsh tactic best reserved to high rank players. Some have mentioned the "need" to raze low ranked players, but we feel that the changes made to curb the abilities of these players eliminates this need.

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Atopsecret » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:53 pm

upon reading your attempts to convince us all that you have and are dealing with the alt / dummy accounts problem which is by far the games biggest downfall other than ff employees themselves its clear you are just trying to find a way out of saying you cannot deal with it....for you think anyone really cares as to what rank can or cannot do, as most veteran players know full well they can make any alt account rank to the desired level via the help or others sending banquette goods over (prince packs and jumping to worlds just to achieve this has been proven) and then to go on and do whats needed make there alt account to prince adding another day to there troubles. is no big deal!...(bad change)
fp may well stop alot of farmers (amber rose) thinking they can control worlds by sitting around claiming there innocence until they have a million fp and then acting upon it... (good change) for those not having the contacts granting them the time to farm in the first place/ evens the playing field but does not stop her ranking up another 3 other accounts when in need. in reflection a useless change
1 ip address per account and 1 account per world (simple) any trying to attempt anything different looses the account with the most to loose (not the newly created one as what seems currently to happen)

so for the record..i now have to make prince just so I can only cap low alt accounts when they are monking parishes etc costing me a tonne of honour just so they can maybe respawn in the exact same parish then kicks back building fp and id prolonging there stay until I can once again delay my game to cap a poncy bad built village that I have to hold a week before I can abandon once again really really bad change.

I see more prince alt coming just to deal with this issue not alone trying to stop them.

good bye shk

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Atopsecret » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:02 pm

many thanks and best regards to all the palyers over the years who assisted me in learning many different aspects of the game...your time and patience fun and laughter will never be forgotten....xredravenx
rich the irish
little pixie
sgt brusiers
list is endless so thank you all.

Viking John Jr
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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Viking John Jr » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:31 pm

I would rather see rules like this

1. You must be in a house to raze ,, then we could still have the low level razers to counter raze when enemy try's to capture into our lands.

2. You must be in a house to monk a parish , this would stop rogues in their tracks because they would have to wait till they could get the votes to take parish.

3. You must be in a house to ID, excom , or send abs to another player , this would make Alt acounts totaly useless for IDing or sending excom , abs.

4. Cap on FP is good the way you have it, but also make castles build 4X faster ....... as it is it takes 30 days build fully built castle without cards , make it take only a week and at least the non-heavy carders have a chance to at least have fun defending.

5. Cut research time in half

I have had over 20 people I know try this game and all quit after 30-40 days due to being bored, only reason I still bother is being retired farming gives me something to do and I can stay intouch with players I played with 6 years ago or so .....well the ones that still play :)

If you keep it to where only Princes can raze , you will have even more players walking away due to getting bored , I would think you would rather have 50 players that spend 15 bucks a month for a fun game rather then have 5 players that spend a one time 200 bucks to power rank so they can bully others. You would be alot further ahead , the heavy carders only have to spend for the first 60 days by then they have most the other players to loose hope and move on , then you have dead world making you no money.

Your rules will not stop Alts or rogues ,, Mine would :lol:

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by nimarion » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:14 pm

zafont wrote:Various thoughts:
1. I think you should increase the cap of FP for Crown Prince and for each additional degree a CP gets. The 200.00 cap for a CP with 16-19 villages, means he can hold in a war for a couple of weeks before he runs out of FP and lose everything.
2. I believe you should add more quests and achievements. You could even add more level to the excisting quests or completely new ones to keep people interested in a server beyond a certain point. You could even add an achievement of achievements (e.g. get X number of achievements to saphire lvl) with various degrees
3. The world is round! lol I know you know it so in Global maps, there should be a possibility of sending units through the Pacific. For example , it doesnt make sense to need days of travelling from Alaska to NorthEast Russia when in reality they are close to each other
4. I believe you should either decrease the size of silk and spice buildings to fit more in a village or increase the availiable ground to build them or adjust the card point cost of their cards because as is, the River 1 and River 2 type villages are not appealing at all.
5. I believe you should add cards that increase monk speed for a specific amount of time, just like for army or merchant speed.
6. I believe that after a certain Age or Era, those you are willing should be able to expand in more than 40 villages, paying the price of course. That number and the requirements are up to you :)
7. I think that for a new Stewart to be able to delete a parish Castle there should be a time needed for him to be in office. It is ridiculus for someone (even low rank) to be able to monk himself in for 2 minutes and delete what took months to be build...
8. There is a problem with high lvl CPs that can not get a Liege Lord and get troops for their castles. That means they have to choose between troops, merchants, monks and even scouts and that paralyzes their game since by definition those with a CP degree 3-5 or higher are not fighters and they usually leave the parishes to fighters to use the parish army in war, so they cant even use the parish army to station in their villages.
9. It occured to me that when invading a land in real life, you cant depend on the markets and merchants of this land to provide you with their weapons so that you will attack them...Maybe there should be some kind of a blockade possible (by order of Marshall or Governor or King) to certain Houses/Factions from buying things from Markets in their lands, when they are in war or while invading, forcing the invading forces to depend on their supply lines and build an expedition force like in real warfare.
10. I think you should add one or two more banqueting products (e.g. candles)
11. What is the point of a Marsh type village? :) Especially when you can have a Highland type that covers all raw materials?
12. I really think you should increase the number of cards a player can hold beyond the 2000 cap you have now
13. I think you should add to the County Capital, the Province Capital and the Counrty Capital, the same buildings there are in a Parish Capital with a level of effect to the respective areas (County, Province or Country). That will open many possibilities to those in charge to decide of the type and caracter of their rule and will give an incentive to everyone to donate to those Capitals, since very few actually do now :)

Thanks for your patience :)

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by SirZeke » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:06 pm

Good grief!

All these contortions to stop multis? The cure has always been simple and many online games use it. Only one account per IP addy.

But doing that means less money from folks willing to throw money at the game. A wallet decision to stomp on the symptoms instead of implementing the cure.

Viking John Jr
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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by Viking John Jr » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:41 pm

Also , you must keep in mind players in collage dorms all share same IP, , and a lot of collage students play this game , or at least use to

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Re: Dev Diary: Era Worlds & Gameplay Changes

Post by WaywardChampion » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:56 pm

I would like to make two suggestions regarding the upcoming gameplay changes:

1)Those quests that grant Faith points should increase a players current Faith points cap by an equal amount to the Faith points granted as a quest award. That way active players wont be penalized for completing quests at lower ranks.

2) Rather than have the ability to raze be restricted to the highest ranks, instead have that ability be based on the players activity level as expressed by the number of quests completed. The more active players have more invested in the game and are usually less likely to grief new players. Razing an opponent is at least half the fun of this game and it would be an extremely boring world if we all had to wait until everyone is at rank 22 just to raze an enemies castle. I would instead suggest perhaps 100 quests completed to unlock the ability to raze.

All in all , I appreciate the willingness of FF to make changes in an effort to fight Alts, but I am not sure that the current changes will be effective. Particularly when the only realistic tactic we have to fight this kind of cheating is to simply raze them out from our counties.

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