Advent Calendar / Exclusive Charges

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Re: Advent Calendar / Exclusive Charges

Post by dsds212011 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:08 pm

Esoteric Paradigm wrote:
nr1stunner wrote:
Esoteric Paradigm wrote:Not sure about Xmas stashes in other worlds as most of my exp with scouting stashes for wheel spins comes from Wolfie World. I am not sure that the % chance of getting a wheel spin changes with time independent of other factors such as number of stashes scouted. That is way harder to prove without an awful lot of work. Since I send out 40 scouts at lightning speed on Wolfie World it would be next to impossible to monitor the success rates of all scouts. What I do do tho is record the results of every single spin in a spreadsheet which has some nice calculations going on in it all the time. Each 3 hour session is kept in a separate worksheet for future calculations. I see some very wierd trends in most of the sessions and some incredibly unbelievable combinations of spins. I started recording them because I began to suspect that the spins were not exactly coming from a standard random algorithm.
Is it making sense 2 u?
Not sure what you mean by "making sense" but if you are referring to my questioning whether or not FF use a standard non- weighted random algorithm then my comment would be that only FF know this and probably will not comment.
I would assume that the algorithm isn't random either. And I would also agree that Firefly would not comment. It benefits them more if they don't say it out right so that players stay online longer. And yet the newly players will get a high chance for spins to keep them on longer. This also keeps people from logging off and on again.

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Re: Advent Calendar / Exclusive Charges

Post by Priest Guardian » Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:57 pm

Certainly was a fun event. Even got my wife (previous player) , and long time gaming friend (1st time player) into the game.

My post here is more to the point of crown sales. I hope you can release a 2 day crown blitz sale for the opening of the water world server

Canadian $ is in the tank right now trading at approx. 70cent to the American $. when last year it was on par

Would really like to top off my cards again, but waiting for some kind of a sale to get the best bang for my Canadian $

Thanks for considering :)

..................................Easter egg hunt?
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