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 Reduced Glory from Quests 
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Post Re: Reduced Glory from Quests
h3 also didnt really conquered turkey.
and you counted wrong h1ß conquered 10 king seats.

Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:40 pm

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Post Re: Reduced Glory from Quests
Jeez guys any land h6 takes is because we absorbed them or tricked them. That means it doesn't count and regardless of what h19 does at this point they are amazing. They can suck as much as they want and even if they lose all thier members, counties, and factions its not because they got beat its because the world was unfair to them. Someone give h19 a medal just for existing, which appears to be the sentiment in this thread.

And on the other hnad h6 is just a meanie house that can't do anything but recruit players. That how we got all of our territories not through fighting people just gave us all our lands. At least those are the rose colored glasses h19 and thier fanbois like meathead seem them selves through. Fighting some desperate defense and holding the line when really they are just getting slaughtered.

H19 has never been attacked by a house of any martial note until now, and now look at them. The only reason they still have counties is not because of thier glorious battleprowess its because of thier faith reserves and the size of the * counties.

Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:16 am

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Post Re: Reduced Glory from Quests
It was never our intention that the Glory quests would become such a strategic avenue for winning rounds, to the extent that they superseded the need to control territory."
To everyone defending how H19 is playing the game: What part of the above sentence did you not understand?

Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:10 am

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Post Re: Reduced Glory from Quests
Oakan look at my post history and show me where I'm blindly defending Russian alliance. The answer is I'm not. I remain silent for the most part and I let you guys make all the propaganda and * you want but once in a while I kindly point if something is clearly wrong and yes, half of h6 territories were simply flipped. If you got proof they weren't post it, because I got one. I haven't questioned all areas so don't exaggregate that I'm saying h6 conquered nothing, because I have never said that and.

Unless you want to join blind-h6 followers in my book, then I'll start ignoring your messages : )

Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:20 pm
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Post Re: Reduced Glory from Quests
h3 should be loving the upcoming update.

the update is gonna come too late for h6 and all other houses.

changing the game rules mid game because of a "problem" on one world is strange.

the glory for holding territory on Europe should have never been lowered to start with.

Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:33 am

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Post Re: Reduced Glory from Quests
I dont really post on the forums very often but I do read them every once in a while when something interesting happens.

I have fought Russia ever since I joined H13, they are very active and their coordination is some of the best I have seen while playing this game. I am not going to say they aren't good fighters however, they use a combination of that plus alt accounting, which makes them especially effective. This is actually why some of their best players were banned as well because they were cheating to an extent that even Firefly could not ignore it.

I want to discuss some matters that will downplay some of Russia's "disadvantages" though. You say they have been fighting since Day 10 or something right? You have to look at who they were fighting though. H8 and H13/H14/H17 had a few good factions and some great players but the overall majority of them were not great. The only thing the weaker houses had working for them were numbers and in this game, numbers just gives the enemy more targets lol. The initial numbers advantage soon turned south as new worlds opened up, people left/quit, and that was when it was pretty apparent that H19 was dominating the war against both. H19 et al. were already a good group of players to begin with and going against less organized/weaker houses didn't really put them in a position where they felt threatened, so yes, they have been fighting for a while, but at a lower difficulty though. I really doubt their first wars really made them flinch much; it probably actually empowered them more than anything. I believe a majority of Russians were still gaining FP even while at war with everyone since H8/H13/H14/H17 failed to organize effective counter invasions into Russian lands.

This is where I think they made the mistake though, they became too * and demanded too much from their enemies, especially H13/H17/H14. I believe their peace treaty with H8 was decent but the offer they gave to H13/H14/H17 was not acceptable, thus it was continously declined until Russia invaded so much of Scandinavia, it became apparent to the rest of the server they were a huge threat to everyone. Perhaps if H19 had not won so many glory rounds continously uncontested, they could have farmed/looked weak while the rest of the server fought each other. I would have bided my time as Russia, letting all the other potential houses fight either other out of honor/FP/gold until it was the right time to strike at the rest of the map, a point where even if everyone united, they would have lost.

H6 was probably the first house that gave H19 et al. a decent opponent who was both comparable in size/organization/good players. However, thinking it was even is unfair. I believe H6 actually went into the war with H19 at a disadvantage in that most of their factions had been at war with H3 for the past few months, draining them of FP/honor/gold. The new factions they had picked up had just as little FP/honor/gold since they had been fighting H19 previously. I am glad, with the help of H3/H16's entry into the war with Russia, we have come so far.

Another issue I would like to discuss is Russia's use of alts. I know you guys don't believe it but I have had several reports of people who have been in the Russian TS and a good amount of their core players have like 3/4/5 accounts listed next to their names so if any are attacked, they know who to poke/contact. Russia's awareness is very high but it is easy when you control several accounts like I said. I am sure that a lot of the accounts they share now were actually players before that quit and gave their account infos away. An example of this is Silk Spectre, I fought him in Northeastern Russia and I talked to him semi-often, being that he was American (speaks English) and usually was online when I was attacking them. He was in Death Squad and after a few months, he quit and was reset. A month or two ago, I noticed he reappeared in Dalarna and I messaged him welcoming him back to the game and he responded in Russian. That, to me, was a clear red flag that his account was given away and being used by someone else (Russian).

If you notice after each glory round that the Russians have blitzkrieged through, a good amount of their "semi-active players all of a sudden go dead as well as their main fighters. We have razed these people out and reset them, never to hear/see from them again. That, to me, is also a clear indication that mass multi-accounting was used in that there were mass bans among their ranks after each glory round that they quested so hard. That being said, I think that if H19 hadn't tried to take so many stars from the other houses and perhaps let H6 win a couple of the rounds they snatched away at the last minute, they probably would have been in a much better position in that they would have had a lot more of their multiaccounts intact and continue cheating the way they have.

You people who always say that H19 is so outnumbered by H6, I really think you should look at the map on who is actually participating in the war. H3's alliance has maybe 30-40% participation while H6's alliance is around 80-90%. H19 is still outnumbered but not by as much as you think, at most being 3 to 1 and at least 2 to 1. It really helps though when you have a bunch of people's information, because it gives the illusion that you have so many great players and you are unbeatable, which should pretty much evens the odds to about 2 to 1 at most. I actually really feel sorry for those people who have so many accounts, they must not really have a life in that in order to keep up with so many accounts, you basically have to be on this game all the time.

Anyways to conclude this, H19 isn't as superior as everyone thinks. Yes they have good organization but they are only able to do so with the amount of cheating they do. It is much easier to organize stuff when you have control of most of the factors.

End Rant


Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:15 am

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Post Re: Reduced Glory from Quests
Ying thank you for your message. It's really pleasure for me to read such deep posts.

As member of H19 I just wanted to say that we had a lot of players who are playing on short distances. 300 days of Europe is too long distance for most of them. Now Europe has 14.000 players and in the beginning it had 55.000 players. Believe me more then half of H19's very good fighters left the game during this long period. Because of real life. This is the simple answer why we controlled 30% of countries months ago and how things changed. Just because most of players left.

Totally agree about multiaccounting. How people dont like themselves if they ready to spend many-many hours of their lifes to build several accounts just to win one more star or disturb enemy more effectively.

And as I wrote before H6 is the house that invited factions that already lost under other colors before joined H6. So it's pretty clear why H6 is kind of strong. Because this is the best parts of many houses that are out of glory race. Actually we can say that H6 is out of race as well as these houses now. That's not bad and that's not good - this is just fact.

Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:01 pm
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