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Lord Friendly
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Update Notes - - 09/01/14

Post by Lord Friendly »

Firefly Studios wrote:Released: 9th January 2014
Version Number:
Appr. Size: 47.54 MB
Update Contents


  • A batch of 21 brand new cards has been released. All the new cards can be found in the random packs and are available as free cards from veteran levels.

[th]Card Name[/th]
[th]Card Description[/th]
[th]Card Name[/th]
[th]Card Description[/th][/tr]
[td]The last stand Expert[/td]
[td]A very large group of knights will charge forth a the end of a siege.[/td]
[td]Expert cropping[/td]
[td]This card will bring about a large increase in the amount of vegetables produced.[/td][/tr]
[td]Advanced fishing[/td]
[td]This card will bring about a medium increase in the amount fish caught.[/td]
[td]Expert stone craft[/td]
[td]This will bring about a large increase in the amount of stone produced.[/td][/tr]
[td]Advanced pitch extraction[/td]
[td]This card will bring about a medium increase in the amount of pitch extracted.[/td]
[td]Expert sword craft[/td]
[td]This will bring about a large increase in the number of swords produced.[/td][/tr]
[td]Advanced culinary skills[/td]
[td]This will bring about a medium increase in the quantity of Spices delivered to the keep.[/td]
[td]Splendid weddings[/td]
[td]Increases the length of any blessing placed on a parish.[/td][/tr]
[td]Expert inquisition[/td]
[td]Increases the length of any inquisition placed on a parish.[/td]
[td]Big Meat Haul[/td]
[td]A large amount of meat is added to your granary.[/td][/tr]
[td]Huge wine haul[/td]
[td]A very large amount of wine is sent to your keep.[/td]
[td]Huge armour haul[/td]
[td]A massive quantity of armour is added to your armoury.[/td][/tr]
[td]Huge swords haul[/td]
[td]A massive quantity of swords is added to your armoury.[/td]
[td]Huge catapults haul[/td]
[td]A massive quantity of catapults is added to your armoury.[/td][/tr]
[td]Advanced oil pots[/td]
[td]Oil spreads further from the pot[/td]
[td]Super Tax (+)2[/td]
[td]This card allows the use of 2 additional tax bands.[/td][/tr]
[td]Extra Tax (+)2[/td]
[td]Increases the tax collected from your subjects.[/td]
[td]Mercenaries (Pikemen)[/td]
[td]A great company of pikemen is added to your main army.[/td][/tr]
[td]Instant fletcher[/td]
[td]Playing this card allows you to place this building instantly and for free.[/td]
[td]Instant hunters hut[/td]
[td]Playing this card allows you to place this building instantly and for free.[/td][/tr]
[td]Instant spice docks[/td]
[td]Playing this card allows you to place this building instantly and for free.[/td][/table]

  • Notes on diplomatic relations to other players
[td0]By Clicking on the "Manage diplomacy" Button on your player profile you can now add small notes to either friend or foes, in case you forget why you are enemies or friends. [/td0][/tr][/table0]

  • Add Targets to In-Game Mails
[td0]Players can now add targets, linking to player profiles, villages and/or parishes, to in-game mails.[/td0][/tr][/table0]

  • Deleting Parish Buildings
[td0]An alert message will appear when capital buildings are deleted on Worlds in the Second or Third Age. [/td0][/tr][/table0]

  • *New* Card Expire Feature
[td0]Cards can now be replayed from "Card Expires" reports.[/td0][/tr][/table0]

  • Shortcut Buttons to Select Multiple Packs
[td0]When opening card packs, 3 buttons are displayed allowing players to easily select multiple packs.[/td0][/tr][/table0]

  • View Monk's Vote Influence
[td0]The number of votes that will be influenced by sending monks is now shown in the UI.[/td0][/tr][/table0]

  • Parish Guild UI Tweaks
[td0]The type of resources required for donation to upgrade parish guilds is now shown in the UI when placing the building.[/td0][/tr][/table0]

  • Switch Map Label's Background Colour
[td0]Players can switch on/off the white background colour of the map labels in the Settings menu.[/td0][/tr][/table0]
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Lord Darko900
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by Lord Darko900 »

nice cards :cry: :cry:

i like the update for removing the white background around parish names it's really ugly
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by DavidSpy »

The add targets to ingame mails feature looks promising. Players have been clamoring for an update to the ingame mail client for awhile now.
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by rey_bonana »

I was hoping they will release instant delete card or card that can make delete building faster.
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by Lt.Columbo »

i really wonder why slowly more and more cards come up but anyway..we all know why.
this update doesnt deserve its name since its only improving in you spending your $'s. the rest is cosmetic imo
how about defensive captains abilities, cancel traders, cancel monks and so on?
for some strange reason "trickle down effect" comes to me mind...feed a few "improvements" now and then and all is good
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by emplexity »

The targets addition looks pretty cool
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by Unknownhost »

the in game notes and the mail addition sounds potentially useful. i usually just keep notes in one of a few text files anyways on such matters but hey who knows.

the cards are crap. sounds like more junk to make the stuff we actually use ever more rarer. the last stand can be very nice but it'll be one of the most rare of those cards so not like us mere mortals will see one very often, especially when we only purchase a few hundred packs here and there any given month... :lol:

so, how about those new quests that were mentioned months ago? the new "more challenging ai castles"? any actual fun stuff for us to DO in game?

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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by TheGamerNerd »

So what does it mean how you can replay cards for your reports? surely you wont be able to play a card more than once for the price of one?
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by Dellwyndria »

Nice Updates. Thank you
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Re: Update Notes - - 09/11/14

Post by pkdevine »

I love the notes to diplomacy.

Somethings broken though,
it appears to me though that greyed out cards in use e.g. cropping card no longer stays greyed out if in use
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