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Re: Northumberland/England

Post by tamer123 »

The map looks intense , it's basically split into two sides

H10 is doing well for themselves indeed

as for you, congrats for already hitting prince :mrgreen: , if you want my opinion, I'd suggest you engage in the genius excomm tournament

the tempting gold prize is totally worth the hassle if you got x2 excomm cards

it seems 6144 hours is the cap so it's time to use the dolla to make the dollaz
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Re: Northumberland/England

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MEH tourney is not worth it to me with the exception of getting lucky on some of the wheel spins but my history with the wheel spins says otherwise

Your correct about the map though and my bet is after the first war your going to see H-10 pick up some lands that will push them in the glory race

So I say to the other houses pushing our buttons right now. "Do not wish too hard as it will likely come true" and I guarantee I will not be losing political seats and more likely pick some up 8-)
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